Friday, August 26, 2016

Funtastic (Power Poppy) Friday!

Hello and Happy Friday to each and every one of you! We have quite the show today and we are so glad you've joined us to check it all out! Not only are the Bloomies here, as they are every Friday, BUT.... we realized that it has been a while since we have had some customer show & tell! And so, that's exactly what we're going to do today!

We had quite the eye candy in our Power & Spark Copy, Steal Inspire Challenge linky! Goodness! The talent out there in blog land is pretty darn incredible! I have absolutely loved not only looking at the creations submitted but also seeing which cards inspired them!

A QUICK NOTE FIRST: This challenge will shut down on August 31st at 8PM EST. So, if you haven't played along -- now is your chance! Who doesn't want a shot at winning some Power Poppy goodies! You can click HERE for the link on how to play along! 

Our first show and tell takes us over to Tricia Traxler’s place to take a peek at the speckled sunflower creation using Power Poppy's Sunshine of My Life digital stamp (did you know that this one just came out as a clear stamp too?). Goodness, I love the dreamy watercolor effect and the extra pop of color she added with the watercolor spots! Absolutely fabulous Tricia! 

Robyn Oliver created a card to “die” for with this fun shape and all that fussy cutting.  It is one elegant little note if I ever did see one! The shades of blue and bits of pearly bling serve as the icing on the cake for sure! Robyn used Power Poppy's Azalea set for this little number! 

When it comes to fussy cutting -- Oh Snap! -- Maria Rodriguez sure went to town with her creation. Look at all that detail -- cutting around each one of the keys! Oh my, that girl must have patience. We're glad she does because we kind of think that's what makes this card POP! Maria used the Power Poppy set Best Day Ever! 

Our final stop is to pay Barbara Campbell a visit with this card that offers not only subtle hues but little doses of vibrant color. I think that this mix is actually what drew me to love on this card A LOT! I love the inspiration she found in Cindy Lawrence's card and how she put her own spin on it using Power Poppy's Tea in the Garden stamp set!

Well, we hope you enjoyed taking a peek at some of these Must-See Customer Creations! (That link is a shameless plug for our Power Poppy Rocks Pinterest boards where we "pin" all things Power Poppy -- just to inspire YOU! Check out our Must See Customer Creation board to see some of our favorite cards done by Power Poppy Peeps a.k.a. customers).

Now it's time to turn the mic over to the Bloomies who are ready to steal the show with their handiwork! Stop by and see these fine ladies, will you please? ;-)

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to tune back in on Monday when our newest member of the Instant Garden -- Jessie Banks -- heads up Inspire Me Monday. I can't WAIT to see what she has in store! 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

What’s Up, Buttercup?

I’ll tell ya what’s up: we are introducing a new digital stamp set for our Digis on the 5s remix release. This one was selected from a clear stamp set that was a part of our very first release for Power Poppy! You may recognize the sweet teacup filled with fizzy flowers. But the sentiments for this digi are all new, and have an upbeat vibe and style all their own.

As a big fan of grabbing a handful of the tiniest stems in the garden — also the broken-off stalks, the extra buds, the errant tendrils —  and placing them in a cup, glass, or even an old bottle in my windowsill, the idea of nestling a bouquet of flowers in a teacup is right up my alley.

Coleus and Dill, chillin’ on the sill.

Nasturtium stems squeezed into an empty vanilla bottle earlier this spring. I decided to put these on my desk.

Are you ready? Here we go... Introducing Cuppa Buttercups!

If you want to add some good feelings to your morning routine, how about a spin around the Instant Gardeners’ blogs to see what they made with this sweet new digi? I promise that you will get a grin, it’s almost impossible not to with a cup of sunshine like this! Take it away, Gardeners...

Now, if you’ve taken a fancy to this image, but would prefer it in clear, you can find it in the stamp set called Marcella’s Mixtape. I only have a few of them on hand, and the ones I do have had a bit of yellowing in the polymer due to sunlight exposure... but they still stamp like a champ! So they are marked down to half off right now if you’re interested in picking up a set from our premier release at a supa-discount!

Go out and have the most excellent day!

Monday, August 22, 2016

4 Sketches, 1 Digital Stamp!

Hello Power Poppy Peeps and welcome to another Inspire Me Monday -- a quick fix of inspiration to jump start your creative week! I thought instead of showing you a technique or sharing a tip, I would share four sketches and show off four different, yet color-coordinated cards using Power Poppy's  Leaping Trout digital stamp set. I just love this image for "man cards." It's also perfect for my neck of the woods, where fly fishing reigns "King." Use these sketches in your own stamp rooms or see how the gentle mix of decorative papers can bring about a positive visual vibe in a set of cards!

Here's a peek at the four cards I'll be sharing today!

So let's get to it! 

I will say that all of the trout were colored up exactly the same way. I used some warm grey tones (W01, W03), a few vibrant blue green shades (BG000, BG11 and BG72)  and some lighter rose shades (R81, R83 an R14) to color these up as rainbow trout. There are also some olive green bits in there as well (YG91 and YG93.)

Here's Sketch #1

Here's Card #1

And here's how I put this sketch in play using some stitched edge dies, a wooden button adorned with a little bit of natural cording and a mix of blue decorative papers to try to pick up on the fish's fresh colors!

Here's Sketch #2

Here's Card #2

When it comes to card layout, I have always been a fan of the fishtail pennants. I thought since my main image was a fish, why not use one of my favorite accents? I included the same stitched rectangle die and some of the same decorative papers from card #1 to let these two designs play off of each other. I accented my image with the same twine but added a few extras with some gold brads and even an honest to goodness fly. I picked this little guy up at the fly shop and had fun choosing this little "Woolly Bugger!" :-)

Here's a little close up for you so you can see just how that trout is colored up! 

Here's Sketch #3

Here's Card #3
I love wonky sketches, when one piece of paper or two are at an angle. So, this sketch takes on that flair! I added some distressed edges, wood grain paper and even a wee bit of paper piecing. See those same bits of paper from the othe two cards? Yep, they're there! I also added the twine and a bronze brad. See?

Here's Sketch #4

Here's Card #4

Okay, which one of these does not look like the others? I admit, this one is a bit of a stretch when it comes to creating a cohesive set of cards. The decorative paper here has the same beige tones in card #2 and card #3 and then I picked up the denim decorative paper that is in card #3. After I photographed this one, however, I see it doesn't gel as well as the other three. That's okay though! My intent was there! Here I layered up a bunch of decorative paper, added a ribbon border with some silver paper dots and some fun decorative shapes. 

There you have it peeps -- four sketches, four cards, and just one digital stamp image! I hope you like the designs and even more, I hope you take these sketches for a test drive in your own stamping spaces! Most of my cards are on the simple side so why not add a few more embellishments or put a twist on these layouts to make your own mark on them! If you do use one or all of these sketches, please share a link to your creations so that I can see your take on them!

Have a fabulous week & thanks for stopping by!


Friday, August 19, 2016

Release Day, Free Shipping, and HUGE SAVINGS!

Hello dear ones! Today there is so much going on, I just want to get right down to the action...

Let’s celebrate the release of our Nature and Nurture Collection of clear polymer stamps, and help you save some $$! Here’s what you can get over at

When you spend $50 or more
Select FREE SHIPPING OVER 50 at checkout
Offer good for customers in US and Canada 

Ship for $2.50 USD when you spend $50 or more
Offer good for all customers outside the US

*  *  *

Prices lowered on ALL digis in the shop

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Stock up on spring and summer botanicals, sentiments, and all-occasion stamps throughout the shop — big savings on tons of favorites!

Offers end Monday at midnight central time.

And now.... back to our big release today!! All of these sets are in-stock and ready to ship, and I couldn’t be more pleased to share the full contents of each set with you right here. Introducing:

Ok, there we have ’em! I have loved hearing folks’ sweet comments this week on the blog and on Instagram, thank you for letting me know what you think of these stamp designs, and for cheering on the Bloom Brigade during their delicious sneak peeks all week. If you have missed any of the posts, now would be a great time to catch up on all the sweet action. And guess what? Today we have ONE MORE CARD to indulge in from EACH of our designers. Can you believe our good fortune? Let’s all go see!!
Thank you so much for your encouragement and your warmth — I love being able to bring some joy to your stamping, coloring, and creating routine! And thank you sooooo very much to my Bloom Brigade team for all of their work bringing my stamp designs to life. You each showcase how to live in full bloom every day, and I am honored to work with you, my dear ladies!

Let us know if you have any questions about how our sale works. You can drop a note to: any time!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Nature and Nurture Preview: Day 3

Hi there! If you’ve found your way here to the blog today, you may know it’s the last day of our Nature and Nurture collection sneak peeks — but if you missed the first two days, just scroll on down to catch up on the beauty and creative sparks that are flying every which way!

In our part of the town, kids are heading back to school. While it still feels a bit summery out, there’s no mistaking that fall is going to be here sooooon! And with fall’s arrival, I will hope to be among the lucky ones to pick out the coolest hybrid pumpkins from the farmer’s market! The ones that make you say, “I didn’t know that gourds came in all of these cool colors!” I’m a sucker for those beauties — bigtime — but even then, you can’t go wrong with traditional orange. With four kids in the house, we always have plenty of the orange pumpkins lining our stairs, and I just have to hope that the postal carriers are now used to my displays on the front stairs. I do try to leave a bit of a walkway, of course, meandering to our door, but other than that, it’s a decorative gourd minefield.

Hope I don’t trip over the display myself on the way back to my studio from a walk up to Starbucks for my pumpkin spice latte....

I’ve designed a stamp set for this awesome time of year, celebrating all of these fall-y sensations, and when you see the images and sentiments packed into it, I hope that you too will be “Feeling Fall”...

We’ve got three large images, a few small accents, and some sentiments to boot! Did somebody say boot? Wellies (rubber rain boots) are all the rage at my daughter Lulu’s school, so I had to include one in a stamp set, they are just too cute to leave out! Our plaid wellie is filled with branches from a Japanese maple (based on the Acer Singokaku we have growing in the garden), but they can be colored up anyway you’d like! Maybe I’ll have to recreate this look on my front porch this year. Though I doubt Lulu will donate her welly to the cause... can’t really blame her. :)

Introducing this really fun set that I hope will be a must-have for your crafty stash... #currentmood: Feeling Fall.

Now, I know I’ve been saying that the Bloom Brigade are going all out with awesome creations to get you all buzzed up over this release... but you haven’t seen what they’ve done with Feeling Fall. Get ready for some of the cutest cards of the year!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the inspiration!! And we’ll see you back here tomorrow for our big release day blog hop! All sets are IN STOCK and ready to ship. PLUS — We’re going to be throwing some special savings in three different ways tomorrow, time for you to stock up and save — both digis and clear! Have a great day, my lovelies.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Nature and Nurture Preview: Day 2

Did you enjoy yesterday’s showcase peeks of our new clear stamps? I was so giddy to start sharing this collection of images called Nature and Nurture, which range from meandering stems that could have been plucked from the prairie, to curated blooms popped into a vase, to fall’s colorful gifts presented with fresh perspective.

Today’s stamp set peeks feature two images that folks have been asking, asking, asking to see in clear polymer. I hope that it makes you a little bit excited to see what we’re sharing with you today....

Anybody recognize these? We’ve selected two very popular digital images: Sunshine of My Life and Sunflower Power — and bringing them together in a sort of sunflower supernova!

What more could you want, I’m asking ya. How about some highly versatile mix-and-match sentiments? We have those in this set, too!! The coloring possibilities with these sunflowers is totally off the charts. As I’ve mused in past blog posts, my sunflowers were a sort of ode to Van Gogh’s series painted in the South of France in the late 1800s. He arranged and painted tens of canvases in the most saturated of pigments and delicate variances of color. They became not only famous, but iconic. My ink drawing gives you a headstart to creating a rich bouquet of sunflowers, but YOU are the colorist, you are the artist dictating how these vibrant creatures will come to life! Isn’t that so much fun? Can you believe we get to be doing this?

I pinch!!! Myself — not you.

Let’s run ’round and see what the Bloom Brigade design team has made today. My friends, I’m going to warn you, I’ve gotten a headstart as gazing upon their cards, and they are all exQUISite!!!

Thank you for stopping by the Power Poppy Blog for our little reveal today. If you come tomorrow, you’ll be rewarded with some seriously cute inspiration from our team. They really are the bees knees!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Nature and Nurture Preview: Day 1

Happy Tuesday, dear ones!

What a very exciting day, as not only are we sneak-peeking a brand new clear polymer stamp set and getting a glimpse into a ton of different ways to use it, but it’s Lulu and Finn’s first day of school (5th and 8th). Back into the routine we go... can I get an amen? It’s been such a nice summer for us: vacations with family and friends, swimming pool and skate park visits, bike rides and lazy mornings (for the kids, not so much for the adults) — but I am ready to get back to the regular school schedule. Just a bit. Or maybe two bits. Okay, four bits.

Today’s peeks are from a set called Prairie Cheer that works beautifully on its own—but is also a companion to the set we showed yesterday, Pure Prairie Bouquet. [Now, the bouquet is currently only available in digital format, but for the patient folks out there, know that we’ll be bringing out that one in clear as well in the future!]

Prairie Cheer was inspired by my jaunts to the wildflower restoration that’s going on near my house with all manner of native plants, but also by my travels this summer with roadtrips through the heartland. What do you see while you’re on a roadtrip through the Midwest and you take the scenic route (which takes forever but is so much more fun!)? Beautiful pastures! Rich farmland! Roads lined with nodding wildflowers! And in our area of the U.S., you’ll see acres of corn, soybeans, and wheat, wheat, wheat.

What I thought we really needed for a stamp set was a little sprinkling of several of these beautiful plants, drawn simply, wispily. So that for our customers sitting down to make a card with Power Poppy images, it could be both a joyful affair and not take quite so long to color. Or not be colored in at all, to be elegant enough to stand on their own. Along with, of course, some very sweet sentiments to help somebody else feel good. Which of course makes US feel good in the process! Presenting, Prairie Cheer.

While this set is available for pre-order, it will be fully revealed and start shipping on Friday, August 19th! Along with TWO MORE new clear sets. And you probably need all of them, let’s be honest. ;)

What a showcase we have for you today with Prairie Cheer! Take it away, Bloomies...

We’ll see you back here tomorrow for more previews... and it just might include a few digital images that you’ve been asking for me to pleeeeeease bring out in clear! Have an awesome day.